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12 month modern Tech MBA for the Digital Age

We've created an accelerated learning experience that transforms the world's most promising managers into the next generation of powerful leaders.

You will emerge with a personal action plan for advancing your leadership goals—and strengthening your company’s competitive advantage.

*$18,000 Scholarship 
Why the Virscend University MBA? 
83% of Virscend Graduates receive a salary increase within the first year of graduation. 
At $6,000, it is the most affordable MBA on the market. 
Graduate with little or no debt
The average cost of an MBA is $60,000. At Virscend University, we understand that this is too much money for most working professionals. We offer a *$6,000 MBA that will allow you to graduate without a mountain of debt giving you the flexibility to improve your career. 
Small Class Sizes
Customize your learning experinece
At Virscend University, you are more than just a number. You will know all of your professors by name and they will know yours. The coursework can be adapted to fit the class and you are forced to participate more and grow as a student. 
Executive Mentorship
Learn how to position your product
Small class sizes allow greater professor feedback and student interaction. Students are able to build relationships with their teachers that will help them with their professional goals including letters of reference and personal career guidance. 
12- Month Program
Graduate and get a promtion
There are 3 start dates per year for our one year program. Also, you can alternate between full-time and part-time to accommodate your schedule. 
Expert Faculty
90% of Professors have a PhD
All the courses are taught by UC or CSU professors. You can get the same quality of education in a smaller class setting than our state counterparts. 
Learn how to overcome obstacles
All students that are accepted into our program will receive a $18,000 scholarship.  Therefore, the total tuition for the program is only $6,000. 
Virscend University The Modern Tech MBA
Unlike people, technology is always changing. Virscend Graduates will be prepared to excel as leaders in the modern workplace.
Research & Analysis
Learn how to deal with data
Theory and applications of electronic commerce including issues such as E-cash, E-banking, Etailing, SCM, E-marketing, B2C, B2B, C2C, Egovernment, Internet business opportunities, Internet security homepage maintenance, Internet database interface and cooperative computing.
Employee Oversight
Learn how to manage employees
Principles and theories of management, organization theory, planning and control techniques. Management of the overall organization and the production/operation systems of organizations.
Pricing Strategies
Learn how to position your product
Investment markets and transactions; sources of investment information; return vs. risk; margin trading and short selling; investment planning; investing in equities and fixed income securities; speculative tax-sheltered investments; gold and other tangibles; portfolio manament
Digital Marketing
Learn the best platforms for ads
The course demonstrates how social media and digital technology can improve marketing strategy formulation and execution, in understanding and utilizing the many tools and techniques of media marketing. The focus will be on Facebook and Google Analytics. 
Email Management
Learn how to become efficent
Introduction to E-Commerce and Internet Marketing concepts and technologies. Examines the concepts of media marketing and the role that digital technology plays in making marketing more effective.
SQL Management
Learn how to overcome obstacles
Introduction to database design and creation using a DBMS product such as MS SQL Server. Develop SQL programming proficiency. Emphasis is on data dictionary, data manipulation, data integrity, data normalization, data control statements as well as on report generation. 
"The MBA Degree offered at Virscend University was the perfect mix with my technical background."
Joshua Yeh
Panasonic Avionics
Software Engineering Program Manager
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